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The belly dance museum is founded in 1999 and has been online since then.

Due to new programming languages, new versions, new webtechnologies, the old site is no longer compatible.

We decided to make it more accessible to smartphones and we're working on it

  • Rare vintage movieposters & postcards
  • Unique engravings
  • Stories based on extensive historical research 

Our collection on historical bellydance pictures is probably the biggest in the world.

We'd like to share the collection and some of the pieces are offered to purchase.

Still working on this section

Here you will find more information on the history of the Belly Dance Museum itself.


“A valuable source of information on oriental dance.

Looking for motivated and dedicated people to join the team

“Rome isn't built on one day, neither is the bellydance museum.
With the possibility to establish a concrete museum, we look for an appropiate place.

Thank you for your patience !