Farid El Atrache

Samia Gamal - Farid El Atrache

Lebanese born composer, musician and singer Farid El Atrache was one of the most important contributor to Egyptian film music.

Born as a druze in the Syrian mountains in the village of al-Qajra in 1910, Farid al-Attrasj became one of the leading composers of Egyptian music. He featured in many movies on the side of dancer Samia Gamal as well as Tahia Carioca. Samia Gamal became his girlfriend and he produced
Farid Al Atrash acquired some of his oud-playing skills of his mother, being born in a musical family. His sister Asmahan was also a singer and nearly as popular as Umm Kholtoum before she died in a car accident in mysterious circumstances.
Songs like "Noura Noura" (with the enchanting ney melody), "Leyla" "Hallet Layali," and "Gameel Gamal" became instant hits. He not only sang his own compositions but wrote for other arab singers as well.

Samia Gamal:

  • 1949 "C'est toi que j'aime (It's you that I love)" directed by Ahmed Badrakhan.
  • 1949 "Dernier mesonge (Last lie)" directed by Ahmed Badrakhan.
  • 1949 " Little Miss Devil" featuring Farid el-Atrash as Asfour (arabic for bird) as cabaret singer. Directed by Henri Barakat, Egypt
  • 1951 "Taala sallem (Viens saluer)" of Helmi Rafla featuring Ismaïl Yassine.
  • 1952 "Mat Oulch'lehad (Tell it to nobody)" directed by Henri Barakat
  • 1954 "Valley of the Kings" (read the story in the belly dance museum)